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Dr. Skopp of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida can help to solve your sleep disorder.

For those with some of the more common sleeping issues, such as excessive snoring or sleep apnea, you’ll probably be surprised to learn that treatments for these conditions can be found at your dentist’s office. In fact, there is an entire field—sleep disorder dentistry—dedicated to these problems.

So, before you give up all hope of ever getting a good night’s sleep again, why not contact David M. Skopp of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida?

What is Sleep Disorder Dentistry?

Sleep disorder dentistry is an emerging field of dental medicine that is focused on correcting sleeping disorders like obstructive sleep apnea and excessive snoring. In the past, most patients with sleep apnea were forced to use a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device, which basically forces air into their lungs to keep the person breathing and sleeping properly throughout the night.

Sleep apnea is caused by the tongue and soft tissue collapsing back into the throat during sleep, causing the person to stop breathing for a period until they briefly wake up and start breathing on their own. While CPAP is definitely effective for treating these problems, it requires sleeping and wearing a mask, connected to a large, noisy machine that helps the person breathe. The problem is these masks can be incredibly uncomfortable and many people have trouble sleeping while using them.

For those who find CPAP unbearable, Dr. Skopp has another solution for you in the form of oral appliances.

Treating Sleeping Disorders Through Dentistry

Dentists like Dr. Skopp can provide relief for sleep apnea sufferers without the need for CPAP through the use of oral appliances at his office, one of the best sleep disorder centers in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. These appliances are small devices that resemble a retainer or mouth guard, fitting tightly in the patient’s mouth to prevent the tongue and soft palate from collapsing into the throat while the person sleeps. This works to keep the airway open during sleep, providing the person with adequate airflow and ensuring uninterrupted sleep.

As a leading specialist in oral appliance therapy and sleep disorder dentistry, Dr. Skopp and his team at Chase Dental Sleep Care in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida can work with you to determine the right oral appliance for your needs.

During your initial consultation, we will examine your medical history and then take x-rays, detailed measurements, and impressions of your teeth and mouth to determine the best solution for you.

Types of Oral Appliances and How They Work

Oral appliances help correct breathing problems by repositioning and stabilizing the lower jaw, tongue, soft palate, and uvula, preventing them from collapsing into the throat during sleep.   Mandibular Advancement Devices pull the lower jaw and tongue down and forward, making the mouth more rigid.

Palm Beach Gardens Sleep Disorder Dentistry

Each case is unique, so Dr. Skopp and his team will sit down and work with you to determine the best course of treatment for you. Stop suffering from a poor night’s sleep, and instead contact us at our Palm Beach Gardens office or call us at 561-799-5000 to see how our sleep disorder dentistry services can benefit you.

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